Rice Cooker Reviews – Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Review

The Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 is one of the top-selling rice cookers at Amazon. This is my quick review.

First of all, a few words about the company. Zojirushi (meaning “The Elephant Brand”) is a Japanese producer of smal https://www.findricecooker.com/ l kitchen appliances. The main product they sell in Japan is the electric rice cooker, presented in a wide variety of sizes and prices.

They are currently the market leaders in Japan, known for having very demanding customers. Zojirushi has to produce the best rice cookers because the market presents a strong competition against brands such as Sanyo and Panasonic.

This is a 5.5-cup unit, suitable for a family of 3-6 people, allowing some room for visits and guests.

Electric rice cookers are very helpful for busy people, especially when both parents work and do not have the time to cook. Using one of these cookers means one thing less to watch on the kitchen, so you have more free time to prepare the rest of the meal. Since you save time in the kitchen, you can actually prepare healthier meals for your family.

The NS-ZCC10 has many interesting features targeting busy people, such as the automatic Keep Warm function. If you are not around when the rice is done, the rice cooker switches from cooking to warming mode, meaning no more burnt rice.

Also, the Timer allows you to program the rice batch to be done by the end of the day, when you come back home. Warm and fluffy rice as soon as you arrive, how cool is that?

You can prepare white rice and brown rice. This machine, however, is very versatile: it can make porridge, oatmeal and soups, too.

And, to top it all off, it is very easy to program and set things up. You just cannot go wrong by buying a Zojirushi NS-ZCC10!