Four Tips to Solve R4 SDHC Upgrade Problems – Latest R4i Firmware Running Problems

1) Confusion over R4 III – Upgrade, R4 III SDHC and R4 SDHC.

These three cards are totally different from each other. Do not make a mistake with them. Samsung stock rom

2) “the file name is too long please reduce” appears when you insert R4 SDHC Upgrade in.

As this happens, you can backup all of your files to your hard drive, format your SD card, and reinstall the firmware.

3) R4 SDHC Upgrade Revolution is not an official card, but one of those crappy clone cards.

4) R4 SDHC Upgrade’s running latest R4i firmware.

R4 SDHC Upgrade may crash while creating a save file for assassins creed, upon rebooting dsi. Then screen is red. When when plugged into laptop, the micro SD card showed as having no files on it but no free space either. Formatted with the Panasonic tool and reinstalled the firmware and games, and then it was fine for about an hour at which point it did the same thing while loading a level on skate it. Sometimes there will be such a word “MENU??”.

The message ” MENU??” shows that your downloading is not correct. You probably didn’t extract the “R4i English V1.11b” to TF card’s root-directory. Please remember to TF card’s root-directory! A lot of people’s extract software will build a folder “R4i English V1.11b”.

What’s more, please do carefully as the following STEPS:

i> Format Micro SD card

ii> Going to download from one R4 online website.

R4-SDHC and R4i-SDHC’s Kernel software are the sames: V1. 11b

There are two columns “download” on this page, choose the left column, Release date: [2009-9-29]

iii> Download, and extract the “R4i English V1.11b” to TF card. Confirm there are the be-lowing files on TF card’s root-directory

moon-memo —Sub-directory
moonshl2 —Sub-directory
R4iMenu —Sub-directory

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