Why courage and tolerance regarded as two prime factors in online poker?

We all play poker to win. The sad reality of this game of uncertainty and randomness is that you cannot win every time. But still, some players have a better winning track record and earning. What makes them better players? The majority of professionals are of the view that it is courage and tolerance that makes them better online poker players. poker online apk

 No Courage, No Glory

In the world of poker, individuals test their intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence to be better than the opponents. This requires an amazing level of courage to read subtle information and use that information to mitigate the risk of loss. What is courage? Is it just the absence of fear or something else?

If we see in the context of online poker, if you allow negative emotions in evaluating the adequacy of resource then you limit your ability to pay attention and think rationally. On the other hand, if you allow positive emotions, like courage, to play an active role this boosts your ability to find better solutions.

Psychologists classify courage in three types, namely physical courage, moral courage, and psychological courage. A person will be called courageous if he knows how to overcome fears and maximize the chance of success using cognitive capacity.

To understand the implication of courage in the game of online poker you have to know the factors that influence courage in a normal human being. Your positive state of mind and positive trait both influences courage. Some of the positive states and traits are:

  • Self-Efficacy

If you are a poker player you know how important it is to have faith in own ability to understand the situation and act accordingly. You have to gather all kinds of numerical and emotional information to deal with any hand and make it in own favor.

  • Hope

An effective poker player will always play with the hope to get best card combinations so that he could play it smart. You hope makes you courageous. If you are hopeful you will always look for alternative paths to achieve the goal.

  • Resilience

The ability to bounce back from an adverse situation makes you a great online poker player. If you are doing it effectively, your resilience makes you the courageous poker player.

  • Openness to Learning

All great poker players are avid learners. The openness to learn and experience gives you the courage to try something new. This sense of adventure makes you the master of randomness and uncertainty.

  • Conscientiousness

Frankly, poker isn’t about repeating mistakes. If you are meticulous you will be persistent in your approach with reliable in dealing and responsible in execution. You won’t hesitate to make difficult moves which help in taking calculated risks.

  • Self-Evaluation

This is the most important factor that makes you courageous. The capacity to self evaluate to give you the much-desired emotional stability and locus of control.

  • Self Esteem

As a poker player, you know how helpful it is to bluff smartly to boost the chances of winning. It requires an amazing level of self-esteem to trigger positivity for a better outcome.

  • Locus of Control

If you think you can control any situation and influence the outcome, this is called locus of control. In online poker, this is very important as you don’t know the outcome at all and you play on instincts.

Risk Tolerance

What do you think, what keeps the majority of people away from the table of poker? It is the risk and a sense of fear, nothing else. If you want to be a great poker player you have to master the art of tolerance to risk and several other factors that influence the outcome of the game. Your confidence to play a smart game along with an appetite for risk makes you a winner. It is a rare trait and cannot be taught. You learn it from your life and, of course, from the poker table.

When it comes to poker, you should know that winning is not always certain. and it could belong dry spells before you start winning again. It happens to even the best. It is nothing but tolerance to risk that brings them back to the table with new hope and courage to try again.  This trait helps them keep on building the bankroll and ultimately a winner.

Online poker is a strange world, where you will see a normal person winning and a war veteran loss all. So, be smart in terms of skill and application. It is the timing that matters most in online poker!