S-Thunder Products – Taking a Look at The Airsoft Anti Personnel Products From S-Thunder

One of the draws to the sport of airsoft gun combat is the life like realism of the battle experience. The weapons are fully automatic and look and feel like their real life counterparts. As the sport evolves many companies are introducing new products to take the level of realism to a new level. https://thunderballresultstonight.co.uk/

S-Thunder Products have done a great job of introducing new and innovative products to the airsoft and MILSIM market. S-Thunder offers some very cool products and currently are centered around anti personnel weapons like landmines and M203 grenade shells.

Anti Personnel Products Available From S-Thunder

Dual Use and Step and Release Landmines- These products are very loud and produce a very startling bang when stepped on. The dual use is the standard type of mine, you step on it it goes off. The step and release only will discharge when the person who stepped on it takes their foot off of it. You can add a small amount of water and power to the top of each mine for a small visual effect as well. These must be charged from a C02 or green gas bottle. Each mine will give about 3 uses from a single 12 gram C02 cartridge.

Water and Powder Spraying Landmines- These are very popular product that gives a great visual effect when stepped on. When they are triggered they shoot either a fair amount of colored powder or 14 ounces of water into the air easily shooting up 6 feet. They are not as loud as the step and release or dual use mines but what they lack in noise they make up for in effect. Each of these mines use a single 12 gram C02 cylinder per use.

M203 Shocker Shells- The shocker shell by S-Thunder is an awesome new grenade shell that is very effective and easy to use. What makes the Shocker shell unique is the way it is filled, all you have to do is pour BB’s down the core and push a rubber cap in place then charge with your gas of choice. This eliminates the need to load each shell with a speed loader and makes in battle reloads fast. These are also very loud and have a huge spread and range. They are so effective they are starting to be known as the squad busting weapon of choice!

M203 Foam Ball Shells- These are similar to the shocker shell but instead fire 1-4 hard foam balls instead of BB’s. These are used in scenario games to eliminate bunkers,players with riot shields and vehicles. They can also be used to hit other players if need be. This unique twist on the M203 launcher really adds realism and fun to any airsoft battle!