Live Stream Recording and Archiving

Streaming Server.

Streaming Server is reliable, customizable streaming software that delivers reliable, high-quality video and audio content to any device. Being deployed in the cloud or on local servers, the components of the Streaming Engine allow you to organize technological processes for streaming your data and ensure their security and confidentiality. There are many trusted offshore host who are providing best offshore hosting services you can get servers.

Key features:

Browser-Based Management and Monitoring any media content on any device.

Streaming software is independent, multi-format and multi-screen. It accepts video of any format, recodes it once, and delivers it in several formats, with the highest possible quality, to any connected device at any location.

Live Stream Recording and Archiving.

Share high-quality live content anytime and offers extensive capabilities designed for streaming live content, including streaming speed adaptation technology, digital video recording, and content publishing technology to other servers.

All-Around Protection.

You are on the driver’s seat. Customize your streaming architecture with extensible software that integrates with other systems and solutions from other manufacturers. Use powerful components and application programming interfaces (APIs) to build solutions that will support your growing streaming needs.

Caption Conversion Capabilities.

Convenient management, monitoring and assembling from the main server. A streaming server manage, monitor and get statistics on video and audio streams from a computer or mobile device using the Streaming Engine Manager.

Streaming server allows you to view the live stream with a time shift and use advanced playback functions such as pause/play, fast forward and backward. The functionality is based on the network principle and eliminates the need for recording on the end-user equipment, transferring this function to a media server. These servers mostly used to live stream videos and different shows including sports, entertainment, religious, ethical etc. on the website of that specific channel.