Company Formation Services – How to Legally Establish Your Business

There are some essential legal requirements for Hong Kong company formation services; you have to comply with before starting a business in Hong Kong through a Private Limited Company (LLC). You must be aware of these formalities and the requirements to legally incorporate a company in the city and make it operate legally in the city of Hong Kong.
One of the first formalities you have to complete when you arestarting a business in Hong Kong is to obtain a copy of the Business Bill of Exchange from the government of the city for tax clearance. Several companies are providing these services. You have to submit a copy of a Memorandum of Association to the government for tax clearance and the Memorandum of Association for company registration.
If you want to start a business in Hong Kong through a Private Limited Company, you have to provide the following documents. A Memorandum of Association is one such document that is necessary to prove your agreement with the company. The government requires an application form or letter of appointment of Hong Kong if you wish to open a bank account and to open a trade account, for which you will have to provide the relevant documents.
The government of Hong Kong also requires that you submit an application form for Company Formation. You may have to submit an Application for Registration of a Hong Kong Limited Company if you are going to register your company here. This application form should be submitted along with relevant documents such as Memorandum of Association and letter of appointment, certificate of registration from the Department of Trade and Industry, and other relevant documents. The application form is available on the Internet and from the government’s official website.
You must also provide a copy of the Articles of Association and other relevant documents for your business in Hong Kong when you are making an application to register your business in the capital of the city. Suppose you wish to start a business in Hong Kong through a Private Limited Company. In that case, you have to give a Memorandum of Association and other relevant documents to the government of the city. And the local customs authority for tax clearance.
Once all the formalities are complete, you can now send your Memorandum of Association to the Corporate Secretary of the company you wish to establish. The Corporate Secretary will send you a confirmation email with all the necessary documents required to open a Company.
You can also use these services provided by the corporate secretary to send you any important documents that have to be included in your Memorandum of Association and other important documents. They can also be useful to send other important documents related to your business.
Many companies in Hong Kong use the services of this service of filing their documents for tax clearance. The process is easy as the process of filing the papers is completed online, and the company can also have all the necessary documents in their computer files.
In addition to this, you can avail of company formation services offered by other companies. They can offer you their services at a nominal cost, but they can also complete other formalities that need to be done for your business. You can avail these services from different companies and can send all the formalities through fax or email.
However, in the case of companies that cannot afford the service of the services as mentioned above, then some firms provide Tax Clearance Services and other formalities that should be done before opening your business. If you are a small business, then you should try to do it yourself.