A PEO Can Give Your Agency the Competitive Edge:

What is a PEO? (Professional Employer Organizations)

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are associations that enable customers to unload the management of human resources, administration, payroll, benefits, taxes, risk management, and workers compensation. According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), a business association, PEOs establish and maintain a company relationship with employees at the client’s worksite and contractually assume particular employer responsibilities and risk

A PEO Can Present Your Agency The Competitive Advantage

According to NAPEO, organizations can benefit by using PEOs, in light of the fact that they can supply:

  • Relief from burdensome employee management
  • A wide Range of employee management solutions through a Group of business experts
  • Improved work practices, regulatory compliance, and risk management solutions, which help reduce liabilities
  • Access to much better employee benefits, allowing customers to attract and retain top talent
  • Help improving endurance, cash-flow, and operational efficiency

A key component of a Great agent’s success is the Strategic relationships they have created with their agent partners. You want to have confidence that for the correct customers, the PEO model can the ideal fit, and your very best mates see it as another tool in their proverbial sales totes.

Unlike many other PEOs that associate with agents, we believe Additionally it is important your brokers remain consistent in contact with their PEO clients. This approach helps ensure that the program–especially, the worker’s comp, payroll, HR, and benefits solutions — are addressing the customers continuing and changing needs.

Lucrative Partnership Opportunities

Opportunities exist for agencies and brokerages to believe about how PEOs may fit into their future. A variety of agencies have really begun to collaborate with PEOs as their main channel for the acquisition of the new business and with significant success.

Recently, agencies or brokerages have begun to Bet ownership claims in PEOs Either by buying existing groups or by starting their own. When they are prospecting and selling a new company, the PEO is an alluring option compared to simply selling insurance and it is based upon the agency, its own way of thinking, its construction, and its own experience. A lot of independent agents have taken the lead and are engaging PEOs as a means to compete on the same level as larger agencies in addition to PEOs that sell directly.

Help at hand

If agents do not completely understand the Marketplace, various assets exist. “NAPEO, of course, can offer a whole lot of valuable information. Their site, www.napeo.org, can offer some clarity on the business and key values for potential businesses. The organization itself offers a multitude of events and educational opportunities for anybody who’s interested in finding out more.

A Very good team also motivates agents to investigate the complete potential of adding The PEO solution to their conversations as it will dynamically alter the Outcomes of lots of their potential conversations. We do not believe PEO is Always the solution for each business, however, when it’s the perfect solution, It may be the game-changer that each and every producer is looking